I make weird, dreamy walking simulators as a hobby. I am not a programmer so I mostly focus on making small vignettes that capture a specific feeling or a mood. Years ago, I wrote a kind of abstract manifesto about the types of games I want to make titled ‘games are dreams’. As with anything I wrote more than a couple of years ago, I pretty much hate everything about it so I will not be linking it here. I do feel like the title does it enough justice: most of my inspiration for making games comes from me wanting to recreate a feeling of a dreamlike state, and I feel like it is worthy in and of itself for the player to experience and play with perception of a space, and this is my very artistic rationale for why my games don’t require much interaction to be implemented.

My latest game: Juice Quest

I made Juice Quest for a GMI game jam. The prompt was “juice”. Juice Quest is made with bitsy which I can’t recommend enough. I had a lot of fun making Juice Quest. It’s always nice when you are working on something for a game jam because you are restricted both creatively and in terms of scope/time. This is the perfect forcing function for people like me to actually finish a project.


My short description of Juice Quest is that it is a game about hangovers and sleep paralysis. That is probably not the most accurate description, but my goal was to create a short story that would recall the types of dreams you have when you are in between states of dreaming and waking, and maybe even under the influence. I was also obsessively listening to Bo Burnham’s Inside when I made this, which is why there is not one, but two references to Inside in the game. I recommend pairing Juice Quest with All Eyes On Me by Bo Burnham.


Adding more info soon.

the 9

Adding more info soon.

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