About Me

about me.

My name is Alexandra Diljá & I am a growth marketer based in Reykjavík, Iceland. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a master’s in marketing. I am a professional consumer of all kinds of pop culture and media, I am always researching something new, and I play wayyyy too many video games.

what I am up to these days


I am VP Growth at GRID.is. With GRID, you can turn your spreadsheets into powerful, interactive web docs. It basically empowers anyone with a spreadsheet model to create a web app from that model, it’s pretty amazing!

Game Makers Iceland

I co-founded the grassroots community organization Game Makers Iceland alongside Haukur Steinn Logason, Torfi Ásgeirsson and Jói Sigurðsson in 2018. We host meet-ups, game jams & other networking events, along with maintaining an active Slack server with 500+ members. Today, Haukur and I are the keepers of the GMI mission but we’re always interested in hearing from people who want to volunteer alongside us!

Isle of Games

I am a member of Isle of Games, an art game collective founded in 2017. The collective consists of a diverse group of people all with the common goal of making and exhibiting video games and their extended family in Iceland in collaboration with local poets, novelists, musicians, and artists of all kinds. So far, we have put on two one-day events, Isle of Games 001 in 2018 and Isle of Games 002 in 2019, and are planning to do more in the future. Isle of Games events are a mix of talks, one-of-a-kind games installations, and performances involving games played live on stage. My game SHIFT was exhibited at Isle of Games.